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I also happen to be a real live human! Here are some things on that.


Hey there, I'm Parag. I reside in Sunnyvale California with my partner. While I'm away from my computer and not coding, I often enjoy playing cricket or tennis, lifting weights at the gym, and drinking coffee and craft beers.

I've been playing cricket since I was a very young age, and is still a passion that I continue outside of work. I participate in many competitive leagues and am currently captaining the San Jose Demons Cricket Club for the Winter 2022 season.

Fitness is important to me, and weight lifting in general is fun to me. It's very rewarding and getting better at moving heavy objects tickles something in my brain i guess. I always try to squeeze in to me schedule, especially while I have a desk job.

As long as I've been drinking (Age will remain unspecified), I've always enjoyed a beer, however in more recent years I've grown into the craft beer scene. So far I've found that I like a good sour or a stout. I like other stuff like IPA's too, just generally not AS much.

Not much to say here. I like to drink coffee, I like the taste and it keeps me awake when I need to be.

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